Computer Shopper UK - Issue 383 - 2020 January

Computer Shopper UK - Issue 383 - 2020 January
Issue 383
Computer Shopper is your one-stop monthly technology magazine, covering everything from laptops to quantum computing.
With the UK’s largest reviews section, we'll keep you updated on all the latest products and software upgrades to help you select the best kit to invest in. You'll also get our monthly news digest, which makes sure you're up to speed on everything important in the world of tech, as well as indepth coverage of sci-tech innovation like 3D printing, robots and virtual reality. Additionally, we've got our team of experts on hand to answer your computing or business IT problems, and offer bite-size projects for you to try out yourselves.

  If you look carefully through Shopper this issue, you’ll spot a bit of a recurring theme.
  Kay Ewbank extols the virtues of Cobol, a program that’s been around for 60 years (page 10); Roland Moore-Colyer despairs at smartphone manufacturers’ obsession with rushing out new devices every year rather than improving existing ones (page 12); and I’m raving about an application about to celebrate its 35th birthday (also page 12).
  The technology world is so fast-paced and focused on the next big thing, that often older products are dismissed as irrelevant. We’re under constant pressure to upgrade to the latest version of every application we’re using, and shell out yet more cash to buy another device to replace the one we bought only recently. We don’t want to risk missing out on that one amazing feature, we’re warned, or be shamed in
front of our friends and family with an outdated piece of kit.
  But unfortunately for the manufacturers and retailers, not all of us are duped so easily. Microsoft might be ending support for Windows 7 in a couple of months, but a third of Windows users are still running the 10-year-old OS. According to industry estimates, that proportion will only drop to around 28% after the 14th January 2020 deadline, while millions of computers are still running Windows 8/8.1 or even the much older XP.
  For those of you still running a Windows 7 machine, we’ve outlined the steps you can take to carry on using it securely and effectively well past the support cut-off date (page 88). There’s really no need to rush to upgrade to Windows 10 due to vendor pressure.
  For those of you who decide to move on, we’ve got a free, simple way to upgrade to Windows 10, and different ways to repurpose your old Windows 7 machine. So whichever option you pick, you can reuse rather than discard.

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