AirForces Monthly UK - Issue 395 - 2021 February

AirForces Monthly UK - Issue 395 - 2021 February
Issue 395

AirForces Monthly UK - Issue 395 - 2021 February 

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AirForces Monthly represents an unrivalled combination of news, reporting and in-depth features aided by the best network of freelance reporters anywhere in the world. It is the finest dedicated military aviation magazine available.
Beauty and a Beast
Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder, but can anyone deny that our cover model, the sensational Sukhoi Su-57, is the most beautiful aircraft ever made? (cue torrent of contradictory emails).
Of course, looks don’t count for much when you’re dogfighting above the Middle East or flying through a wall of flak, so this exquisite Russian is also really smart, with a battery of sensors, cameras and radar systems, to deliver its pilot a headful of world-class situational
awareness and battlespace advantage. When fully kitted out, it boasts a suite of no fewer than 12 sensor systems – it’s like a supermodel who speaks a dozen languages. The Su-57 – called ПАК ФА or T-50 by Sukhoi, and possibly ‘Felon’ by everyone else (that’s a naming can of worms!) – is deemed a ‘fifthgeneration’ fighter with stealth characteristics.
You can get all the latest information on this ‘femme fatale’ from our Russia expert, Piotr Butowski, starting on page 70. Please don’t think I’m so shallow that it’s all about appearances. Two of my favourite aircraft are the Warthog and the Osprey – and no one would describe them as lookers. I simply don’t have a ‘type’.
The same goes for this month’s AFM, which boasts everything from combat drones and basic trainers to Desert Storm Survivors and European Hornets – and, if you ever wondered what Russia’s massive ‘fall-out’ with Ukraine means for the world of combat aircraft, you can find out all about it from page 32.
By the time you read this, 2021 will be well under way. Let’s hope that it is soon on a better course than its predecessor, which stank in just about every way a year can. Despite the challenges faced by all of us during the ongoing pandemic, rest assured that we will continue to share the best military aviation news and features with you.
If you would rather receive your copy of AFM direct to your door, please turn to page 26. Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2021.

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