Artists & Illustrators UK - 2019 November

Artists & Illustrators UK - 2019 November
2019 November
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  How do you go about painting something that isn’t there? And I’m not just talking about when a naughty nephew steals an apple that was taking pride of place in your latest still life composition. I mean those intangible qualities like nostalgia, atmosphere, love, loss and time passing. I started to think about this when illustrator Lucinda Rogers, featured on page 22, was describing her experiences drawing at Ground Zero in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York. There was a physical loss to illustrate here – the very real absence of the iconic towers – but also something far larger than that.
  Anne Magill’s paintings (page 60) are a constant search for these elusive qualities too. Inspired by both vivid scenes from her own past and found photos of other people’s histories, her work is never mawkish or obvious as she forever chases a distinctive atmosphere that suggests rather than over-explains. And in our studio feature (page 28), John Monks describes his own efforts to capture a sense that something or someone has been in a place before, which he does not so much by painting but rather solving visual problems that each new work presents. Perhaps we too should start to think of ourselves not as artists, but detectives on the trail of something far bigger than all of us?

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