Elle Decor USA - 2019 December

Elle Decor USA - 2019 December
2019 December
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    2019 December
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ELLE DECOR magazine is the complete guide to decorating & design, building & remodeling and gardening. A fashion-savvy home decorating magazine for the new generation of design professionals and consumers who know exactly what they want, ELLE DECOR covers fashionable and inspirational products that bring couture chic to every room of your home.
My Design Wish List
  THE HOLIDAY SEASON IS FINALLY UPON US. IT’S MY favorite time of year, whether I am window-shopping on 57th Street in New York, spending Thanksgiving at Claridge’s in London, or hitting the slopes on my annual ski trip to Switzerland. Does the fact that my November 16 birthday falls right in the middle of the season have something to do with it? (Yes, I’m a Scorpio, and FYI, I accept cash and Michael George roses.) Maybe. Regardless, this is the time of year when I assemble my wish list. This year, I’m thinking big. Would I love to ascend to a higher state of being? Sure. Achieve world peace? Sign me up. But as the editor of ELLE DECOR, I have a very specific wish this year on behalf of the interior design community. My respect for the designers whose work appears on our pages grows by the day. I love how the spaces they create so thoroughly transform the way we feel, from morning to night. But I sometimes worry that design, as a profession,
is not always taken seriously. Is it because taste and style-however refined—are ephemeral and subjective? Or that decorating is a service industry?
  Not so fast. It’s time we give these talented professionals their due. In a world driven by data, there must be a way to quantify how interior design impacts our world. Let’s set up standards. The auction business did that long ago, and nobody balks at the premiums that are now an accepted part of the business. Let’s create a guild—a council of interior designers of America, not unlike our counterparts in
the fashion community, that can stand up for the profession and provide support.
  In the meantime, nothing makes a better case for great design than our December issue, filled with holiday cheer—including inspirational homes by ED A-Listers Richard Mishaan and Haynes-Roberts. There’s also our dazzling cover story, featuring the New York apartment of ED’s international design editor Cynthia Frank, who definitely knows how to put on the ritz, and a Connecticut house that rotates at the push of a button. I confess that I’m also wishing for one (or more) of the items in our Hollywood-inspired gift guide. But remember: For ELLE DECOR, it’s the designers who are our true stars. Let’s keep it that way.

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