The MagPi - Issue 83 - 2019 July

The MagPi - Issue 83 - 2019 July
Issue 83
The MagPi is an online magazine dedicated to the Raspberry Pi created by the community for the community. It’s a great way to get to grips with learning how to program your Pi and how to get started on building hardware projects; it’ll also help you find out more about the community around the device and demystify the command line.
  So here it is. The big secret is out and we can finally talk about it: Raspberry Pi 4! The new model is a serious step forward. Raspberry Pi has always been a capable computer, edging towards full desktop capability. That edge has arrived.
  With up to 4GB of RAM, dual HDMI, quad-core ARM CPU, Gigabit Ethernet, and USB 3.0, Raspberry Pi 4 is a truly a desktop computer. I mean: Raspberry Pi has always been a computer, but now it’s a computer.
  Raspberry Pi 4 is a Linux-powered PC without compromise. Browsing the web is a breeze, apps start and videos play without stutter, and you can multitask several programs at once.
  To celebrate its launch, we’ve got a full feature with benchmark tests and interviews with the engineering team (page 26).
  For all its power, Raspberry Pi 4 remains a programmable computer. That bit is important. A tablet is a tablet, a phone is a phone, but a Raspberry Pi can become anything you want, used for any task.
  This month, Raspberry Pi is a pop star’s TV wall (page 12), an earthquake-detecting robot (page 16), a smart greenhouse (page 22), a programmable console (page 44), a squeezable controller (page 54), and a spacecraft (page 66). Try doing that with your smartphone.
  Raspberry Pi is, and always will be, a programmable computer. Only now, it’s a really fast one.

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