How It Works: Incredible Science - First Edition 2019

How It Works: Incredible Science - First Edition 2019
First Edition
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    First Edition
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  It's no secret that humankind has come a long way since Homo sapiens frst emerged from among our ape-like ancestors around 13O,OOO years ago. Yet despite all of our progress to date, many questions remain. What are we exactly? How do our brains really work? How have we achieved so much in the feld of science, and where are we heading next?
  In this bookazine you'll journey from our early beginnings as a species, exploring how we came to be and how our immune systems, emotions and even fears develop. You'll then meet some of science's greatest minds and discover for yourself how humans have created vaccines, illuminated the light spectrum and explained phenomena from 'vampires' to out-of-body experiences. Finally, you'll explore the power behind nuclear fusion and the endless possibilities offered by quantum mechanics before stepping into a future where many diseases are a thing of the past and cloning yourself could be more than just the stuff of science fction. A world of incredible science is just over the page.

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