All About History UK - Issue 85

All About History UK - Issue 85
Issue 85
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Each month, All About History magazine brings together features from the most world-renowned historians, with sensational photos and illustrations. From ancient empires, kings and queens, to the World Wars and technological advances, All About History magazine shares the thrilling true stories and separates the myths from the truth.
  I can make no claim to having had a burning passion for the history of Elizabeth I in my younger years. I found it challenging to relate to what seemed like melodramatic power politics between preening princes. I have to imagine others have found studying the royals of this era
equally ill-fitting to their interest.
  But as you can guess, that’s no longer the case. The posturing and show of royal power remains the same, but Elizabeth’s use of these tools has become endlessly intriguing to me, much as the positioning and compromising of more modern political figures is intriguing. Elizabeth often seems like a leader more interested in doing what is right in the moment rather than pursuing personal passions. It’s a malleability of ethics and conscience that has a tendency to irk us in modern leaders, but actually seems rather humble from a divinely appointed monarch like her.
  That’s all a long route to saying this issue we welcome Derek Wilson, author of several books on Tudor England (among many other topics) to look at the battles Elizabeth I faced from Catholic opposition at home and abroad. How did she handle them? Was it really about religion? Who gained the most? We’ll answer these questions and more in our lead feature.
  As ever, I hope you enjoy it and since this is our closing issue of 2019, Happy New Year to you.

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