Hi-Fi Choice UK - Issue 456 - 2019 December

Hi-Fi Choice UK - Issue 456 - 2019 December
Issue 456
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    2019 December
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    Issue 456
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Hi-Fi Choice is the essential guide to getting the best possible sound from your hi-fi, whether you're buying, tuning or tweaking... It has a no-nonsense approach to reviewing the finest audio products available, from hi-res streaming and downloads to CD, vinyl and valves. Hi-Fi Choice magazine has been at the forefront of audio equipment reviews and buying advice for 40 years and no other magazine has the same passion for sound that we do!
  Hi-fi enthusiasts understand the importance of employing a pair of full-range loudspeakers in their listening room to achieve the best
stereo soundstage. There’s no better way to bring music to life in a tangible three-dimensional way. When it comes to smart wireless speakers, however, their popularity stems from the simplicity of their single-chassis designs equipped with impressive speaker arrays and utilising multiple high and low-frequency drivers powered by sophisticated DSP technology to give an approximation of an involving soundstage. It’s a neat trick, but one that’s not always entirely convincing.
  Although these ‘plonk-anywhere’ wireless cabinets are targeted at those wanting to get into multi-room, I can’t help but think that true music fans are missing out. By not pairing these single-chassis designs together to deliver two-channel sound for even more immersive room-filling sonics, it’s difficult to really bring the performance to life. OK, it might double the outlay you originally had in mind for your setup as most are sold as single units, but the sonic rewards of a bigger soundstage with superior dynamics and presentation of your favourite musicians and albums sound so convincing that it’s undeniably money well spent.
  Prices for this month’s Group Test are broadly spread to suit all pockets and whatever your budget, you’ll find a smart wireless speaker pairing that delivers true stereo with hi-fi cred. Turn to p24 to find out more.

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