Hi-Fi Choice UK - Issue 443 - 2018 December

Hi-Fi Choice UK - Issue 443 - 2018 December
Issue 443
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    Issue 443
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Hi-Fi Choice is the essential guide to getting the best possible sound from your hi-fi, whether you're buying, tuning or tweaking... It has a no-nonsense approach to reviewing the finest audio products available, from hi-res streaming and downloads to CD, vinyl and valves. Hi-Fi Choice magazine has been at the forefront of audio equipment reviews and buying advice for 40 years and no other magazine has the same passion for sound that we do!
  Like many readers, I am lucky enough to have a well thought-out hi-fi system in my lounge that plays CDs, hi-res files and vinyl for any serious listening while sat in comfort on my sofa. But for background music in the office, kitchen or even the garden, I tend to use smaller music systems to give a musical backdrop to my daily routine. Let’s face it, as the most popular wireless streaming tech out there, several are Bluetooth speaker setups that enable me to play my favourite tunes from a paired device.
  The short-range wireless transmission standard has long been derided by audiophiles for its poor audio quality, but continuous codec development has enabled significant improvements and many of the latest batch of Bluetooth speakers are capable of great sound. Of course it’s not all down to the latest generation of the wireless tech, brands have also been putting in some serious design development time to achieve a big performance that in many cases defies the physical size of the speaker. To see just how good these portable speaker systems can be, turn to p24 and read this month’s Group Test.
  As with music systems, audio lovers come in all shapes and sizes too, and high-end enthusiasts will be particularly keen to be able to share their passion at The Hi-Fi Show Live 2018 over the weekend of 10-11th November. Go to hifichoice(dot)co(dot)uk for the latest ticket and show info. See you there!

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