What Hi-Fi? UK - Issue 455 - 2021 March

What Hi-Fi? UK - Issue 455 - 2021 March
Issue 455
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    2021 March
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    Issue 455
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On the edge of greatness
One of the problems we have every year when deciding our Award winners is where to put the category price breaks. After all, we need to make things as useful as possible to our readers, while at the same time not diluting things too much and forcing a ridiculous number of ‘winners’ on the world.
I like to think we strike a good balance, but it does mean that some wonderful products can slip through the net. Our cover stars are very much cases in point. If you’ve got £500 to spend on a turntable (p51), we would steer you to one of these two stellar performers, rather than our £250 or £650 Award winners.
We follow up our popular stereo systems, made up of Best Buys from a couple of issues ago, with home-cinema systems (p30) that do a similar job of getting the very best out of the very best.
Finally, talking of Award-winning products, it would be remiss of me not to mention our subscription offer (p24) where, as well as saving money on the regular magazine price, you can get a free pair of EarFun Airs – our Best Buy in-ears for under £75!

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