Hi-Fi Choice UK - Issue 459 - 2020 February

Hi-Fi Choice UK - Issue 459 - 2020 February
Issue 459
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    2020 February
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    Issue 459
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Hi-Fi Choice is the essential guide to getting the best possible sound from your hi-fi, whether you're buying, tuning or tweaking... It has a no-nonsense approach to reviewing the finest audio products available, from hi-res streaming and downloads to CD, vinyl and valves. Hi-Fi Choice magazine has been at the forefront of audio equipment reviews and buying advice for 40 years and no other magazine has the same passion for sound that we do!
  There’s an embarrassment of riches when it comes to next-level integrated amplifiers, as this month’s collection of mid-priced models in our Group Test clearly demonstrates. Once regarded as the poor relation by serious audio fans who proclaimed that pre-power amplification was the only way to go if ultimate sonics are the goal, today’s integrated amplifiers have become smart, high-functioning and flexible solutions catering for modern hi-fi sensibilities.
  Our six contenders offer everything from purist minimalism to feature-rich connectivity and futureproo fing, but the core appeal remains: a powerhouse system hub that doesn’t take up too much space on the equipment rack. It’s a talented bunch. Some offer analogue inputs only, while others boast digital and numerous extra facilities. Each has enough power and hi-fi cred to make it a worthwhile upgrade over an entry-level integrated, but one design takes the group by storm. Turn to p24 to find out more.
  Regular readers will notice that we’ve introduced a Buying Guide starting on p113. This new section is an essential round up of the best hi-fi we’ve seen over 10 product categories and provides a definitive guide to Hi-Fi Choice’s ‘Top 100’ must-hear components. Each product is applauded by our team of experts for its outstanding performance and value for money. Prices are from the time of original publication.

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